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 Refinance Your Existing Loan

Refinance your existing auto loan and lower your monthly payments by as much as $50.00 to $150.00 every month! Even if your credit isn't great, but you're committed to improving it by making your auto loan payments on time, Mile High Credit can help you. Applying is FREE and very EASY.  

 Get Pre-Approved to Buy and Save $$ ! 

Let our auto financing pros get you a loan to purchase a new or used car or truck today. Regardless of your personal credit situation, our advocates will get you the lowest rate possible. As always, there are no fees or obligations when you apply at Mile High Credit.


Mile High Credit offers both purchase and refinance auto loans for customers of all credit tiers. The decision process is quick and very painless. 
We will save you money, period!

How It Works:

  Complete easy online application
  A representative will contact you
  Refinance paperwork sent electronically
  Purchase paperwork completed at dealer
 Our Customers:

"Thank you MileHighCredit for getting me the payment I could afford and driving the car I always wanted!"   ~Chandra J.